hey im hann / 20 / i made up lies to get attention


hann cassady - american spirit (let me hear it)

every night before i go to bed i smoke a cigarette to remind myself of the taste of your breath. every night before i fall asleep i can bet that i will wake up in a dream about you.


Good To Sea / Pinback


Debbie Harry - Robert Mapplethorpe, 1978


if you are lucky enough to find a weirdo never let them go


Talking how the group had begun to splinter,
And I could taste your lipstick on the filter

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Neopets Genesis Evangelion




this flyer is (mostly) up to date.  the boston date is TBA now but hopefully will be nailed down soon.  
the new orleans date is changed to the circle bar not the beatnik.  
other than that i think it’s right.
booking tours is hard, endless work.  shouts out greg horbal for being good at it.
ALSO we’re playing DALLAS TX on the 28TH at the PROPHET BAR

leaving for tour tomorrow. come see us.

Go see Alex G and Elvis Depressedly, it is important and necessary.