hey im hann / 20 / i made up lies to get attention
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Neopets Genesis Evangelion




this flyer is (mostly) up to date.  the boston date is TBA now but hopefully will be nailed down soon.  
the new orleans date is changed to the circle bar not the beatnik.  
other than that i think it’s right.
booking tours is hard, endless work.  shouts out greg horbal for being good at it.
ALSO we’re playing DALLAS TX on the 28TH at the PROPHET BAR

leaving for tour tomorrow. come see us.

Go see Alex G and Elvis Depressedly, it is important and necessary.

jenny lewis slays

Anonymous asked:
What lies did you make up?

i made up those lies to get attention

And I’ll leave my room 
When I can relax mom
She ain’t coming back 
Laurie you had me strung up by my teeth! 
Laurie you had me weak in the knees 

i wanna sell some of my records but i have no idea how to ship records


Posting this before someone goes ahead and posts it anyway
Julia Brown - An abundance of strawberries
Art by Colleen Wynn, Adam Pichardo, Warren Hildebrand & Sam Ray.
13 tracks, no official release (yet) but if you want to hear it, aren’t rude, and won’t leak it, email at hhhhsamray@gmail.com and talk to me about it/why you wanna hear it/just ask and i’ll send it when I have a chance. Just don’t leak it. We’ll talk.

An abundance of strawberries, Snow day, All alone in bed, 25 days(may15), Without you (full), Abby’s song, You can always hear birds, The way you want, Loved, The body descends, Possession (full), Closing (on a roof), Bloom


Go // Grimes ft. Blood Diamonds 

Patti Smith outside CBGB photographed by Godlis, 1976